Although I take pride in the fruits of my labor, there are many others who deserve acknowledgment for their contributions.


Over the years, I've gotten great help from friends and partners too numerous to list. They've read or listened to my stories, giving critical feedback and encouragement. They've helped me brainstorm ideas that helped enrich my stories. I could not have advanced my writing skills without the refinements their precious time and minds brought me.

Graphic arts

Graphic Artist Gargi Kundu did an excellent job giving this web site a facelift. She's one of the best web designers I've ever worked with. I've used her services on several occasions over the years. I would highly recommend her. You are welcome to contact me if you're interested in commissioning her work.

Text work

KateFriend, via, did an excellent job of proofreading and beta reading Rebirth prior to my final draft. I will very likely use her in the future for the same and would strongly recommend her to others looking for mad editing skills.



Since restarting VoH, I have done most of my writing using Scrivener on my Macs. Despite its limits, this tool has been excellent not only for the writing process, but also for compiling various formats for preview and publishing. Every target seems to have its own rules and needs.


GreyWolf WebWorks created the Black Wolf font that "Verge of History" is often displayed in.

Matt McInerney created the Orbitron font that "Rebirth" and certain other subtitles are displayed in.

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